The 2021 VOID Report

The Verica Open Incident Database (VOID) makes public software-related incident reports available to everyone, increasing understanding of software-based failures in order to make the internet a more resilient and safe place. This inaugural report provides key baseline metrics against which we’ll track changes over time, and calls out a set of patterns (and anti-patterns) prevalent in software-related incident analysis and reporting.

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In the report, you'll learn:

MTTR is Misleading

(MTTR) and related metrics aren’t reliable measures of performance or reliability, and there are better options to measure (evaluate?) instead.

Root Cause is for Plants (Not Software)

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) can hamper your incident analyses—discover what alternate methods and mindsets can unlock deeper understanding of your systems.

The Merit of Near Misses

Discover what additional insights you can gain about your systems and organization from studying Near Misses along with actual incidents.

"If you loved Accelerate and the DORA Report, this will be right up your alley: a long-overdue, open-sourced data dump of real outages. Yours. Ours. Companies big and small have contributed their outage reports to seed this repo of what really happens when things goes sideways."


"The VOID report is the first industry-wide analysis of the state of software reliability today—in fact, it is the closest thing we have to a 'State of the Union' address. Everyone who designs and operates software systems should read it."

Laura Nolan
SRE, Slack

"The VOID project is one of the most significant steps we can take as an industry to improve our operations and safety. This report sets up solid bases for many organizations and practitioners to turn their outage review practices towards more impactful and learning-centric views."

Fred Hebert
SRE, Honeycomb

"The VOID report is an outstanding broad view of patterns in incidents across many organizations. I'm looking forward to the database growing and lending itself to even more research and insights."

Štěpán Davidovič
SRE, Google

"With the VOID, we will all learn more because we're learning together."

Jason Koppe
SRE, Indeed